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    Knee Replacement
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    Knee Arthroscopy
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    Non Operative Treatment of
    Hip and Knee Pain

Outpatient Joint Replacements

Over my 25 years of performing joint replacement surgery much has changed. Many years ago, our patients would spend several weeks as an inpatient in a rehab setting prior to returning home. Over the past ten years we have continued to refine and improve the patient care pathways to allow the vast majority of our patients to return to their homes within 36 hours of their surgeries. This has come about via coordination with the anesthesia team, nursing, physical therapy, and home care services.

Currently we are finding that some patients in good health with strong family support may be able to return home the same day. I am happy to report that this same day surgery option is now being offered at Ahuja Medical Center. By offering this service in a hospital environment, patients are given the option of going home the same day or spending the night if they are having difficulty with mobility. With either option physical therapy services will be provided throughout your recovery while hospitalized, at home, and as an outpatient.

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